10 Tips to expand your Facebook Reach

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In this digital age, social media is one of the most important marketing tools. So it’s integral that you have a solid Facebook reach campaign in place to grow your followers and expand your audience.
Everyone just wonders to use Facebook page as a way to engage followers, build relationships, and expand your brand’s recognition to new audiences. There are lots of ways you can expand your Facebook reach, but knowing from where to start is not always easy, specially if you’re self-taught in the field of social media.
So, let’s look on to some of the tips to expand your Facebook reach:
1. Always go with the content which is sharable:
The number one rule of Facebook is choosing relevant, interesting, and fun content that your followers will want to share. If you’re able to churn out content that’s engaging and stimulating, then your content will be shared in no time to the mass.
Every time somebody shares your post, it exposes you to new people and new prospects, and this will bring in more likes and more followers.
2. Show your personal side, and don’t afraid to be quirky and original:
The goal of using Facebook is to build relationship and giving your company a chance to show your human side. If your customers want to know about your business, they’ll go to your website. When they seek you out on Facebook, however, they want to know more about the people behind the organization.
That’s why, Facebook is such a great place to involve a behind the scene of your office.
3. Have better understanding of your Audience with Facebook Insights:
Facebook Insight is a priceless resource you can use to gain better understanding of your audience, also how they react to your page or your post. You can see how your past posts have performed, and what type of content and posts have reached the largest audience. And, then you can perform in the same way to get more reach.
4. Keep changing your content type:
You can offer the wide variety of content to the audience by changing the content types. Here are some ideas for different content types you can explore:

-Native video
-High-quality images
-Livestream video
-Text posts that link to blogs, eBooks, and other content
5. Don’t forget to tweak to Optimize future posts:
A/B testing is one of the best ways to measure, track, and gain insight into the performance of your posts. By split testing two near-identical versions of the same post, you can get immediate input regarding which one performs the best, implement the necessary changes, and repost the improved version on all channels to improve your reach.
6. Keep checking the relevant pages:
When you tag another business in your post, the post shows up not only on your page but also theirs, meaning you get double the exposure, which means the instinct is beneficial to mention, promote or link to other pages. There must be a good reason to tag a business in your post. Furthermore, when you do this, there’s also the hope of reciprocal tags and posts from other businesses, or you can consider a sort of promotional partnership with other companies in the same niche as yours.
7. Engaging your Audience with questions and comments is a good thing:
To build relationships, engaging in conversations, answering questions, asking questions, and commenting on your own posts and those of other people and other businesses are some of the best ways.
The more active you are in comments and conversations, the more people will see your name. Another great way to engage followers is to pose questions and start conversations of your own because this sparks more discussions and gives you, even more, opportunities to show people who you are and what you stand for.
8. Get yourself Verified:
Verification mark shows that the page is authentic. Along with guaranteeing that you are who you say you are, this verification will also lend you higher priority in search results, meaning new followers will be able to find you more easily. For smaller businesses, there’s instead a gray checkmark that offers the same verification.
9. Use Facebook ads for targeted audience:
Facebook ads are used to target the audience so specifically that you’re almost guaranteed to reach the ideal audience.
10. Reposting is good:
The good content is best to repost. When you do repost, it’s important to choose content that performed well in the past, and that means it was successful at encouraging engagement and that your followers will find it valuable.
Lastly, the type of content you share is the most important thing. People don’t use Facebook just so brands can sell to them: they use it to keep in touch, to nurture relationships, and to share content they find worthwhile.

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