An Experience With Raj Mehandi Designer

It is the very first time that we took a project in any other niche except technical. When we came to know that we are going to do the next project related to ‘Art and culture’, it was quite new and interesting for us. And, till the end of the project, we have gone through many ‘good’ and ‘not such good’ kind of experiences.
Let’s discuss our whole experience and what we have actually done to boost up their business to the top.

1. Creative Content and Best Quality Images on the Website:

At the very first, we have started our journey of Raj Mehandi Designer by putting the most creative content on the website. Content is king for any website or blog post or anything. We put the content related to various services they provide like Rajasthani Mehandi, modern Mehandi art, Bridal Mehandi, Jaipuri Mehandi, Arabian Mehandi etc with their prices. We have also put the content related to the classes and certifications they provide in Mehandi institutions.
Best quality images are the most important part of any website. Mr. Raj had done a proper photo shoot for their website, which played a very important role to boost up their engagements and get new customers.

2. Website’s SEO:

SEO plays the most important role to show your website on the top on Google search. To show your business website on the top, the website’s SEO is the most important thing. We have put so many keywords for SEO. We have done the URL indexing of all the website pages to get better results while searching. To increase the website’s ranking, we have submitted the sitemap in webmaster, which has increased the search results by Google.

3. Promotion on Social Media:

We started working on different social media platforms of Raj Mehandi Designer, like Facebook, Instagram, Google, Google+, YouTube etc, and their work literally got so much identity everywhere. We have done one daily ads posts on Facebook, Google, Google+, Instagram for any particular occasion or event and posts related to their Mehandi designs.

Raj Mehandi Designer

Because of this social media promotion, Raj Mehandi Designer has evolved as India’s best mehandi designer. After this social media promotion, he has increased his search ranking and today he is the most searched mehandi designer.

Raj Mehandi Designer’s Mehandi Event:

Raj Mehandi designer, with his team, celebrated a ‘Karwachauth Event’ on 25-26 October 2018. That event played a very important role to boost up Raj Mehandi Designer’s business at the top. So many live videos of mehandi creation, best reviews by women who came in the event, music sound and party. Raj Mehandi Designer was doing his best for his business, but the ‘Karwachauth Event’ was like a magic for his business.

Raj Mehandi Designer

Even today Cosciitech is handling his social media promotion on different platforms, and he continues getting the best response from everywhere. On Facebook, his posts are getting up to 1 lac reach and on Instagram, his posts are getting so many likes and love. So, at last, I want to say that it was a new experience for us, but it ended as the good one, and the best one for Raj Mehandi Designer’s Business.

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