Artificial Intelligence is Going to Revolutionize Digital Marketing

Where Artificial Intelligence has affected major areas, similarly new industries have been formed and many others have been enhanced. Artificial Intelligence is the process of creating a machine which is capable of exactly copying the human intelligence. But, with time there are so many enhancements in artificial intelligence. Artificial Intelligence has become a trending topic for quite a while now, and it’s being used in various fields in digital marketing which will definitely let you deliver the improved customer experience.

Let’s discuss about why AI is becoming increasingly popular nowadays:

  • It has enhances the work efficiency by increasing precision and accounts, so that one will face fewer errors.
  • Artificial Intelligence has the power of analyzing data more deeply to get the valuable insights.
  • GPS trackers and voice assistants are the enhancements made by artificial intelligence in existing device.
  • Businesses are designing intelligent business processes using AI.
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    The advancements of artificial intelligence in digital marketing field are so path-breaking. AI has enabled marketers to comprehend vast data to gain valuable consumer insights, and in turn improve digital marketing strategies.
    Artificial Intelligence is going to take digital marketing to the next level by providing a competitive edge to the market. Let’s check how AI going to revolutionize digital marketing.
  • Gets you the better Way to Engage with your Audience:
  • AI helps you understand your customer data more deeply and in more precise manner. It can easily analyze your audience and can easily get you the idea about the buying behaviour and decisions of your target audience. It would let you predict consumer behaviour with seamless ease, and may include users’ interests, likes, dislikes, focus, demography, price limits etc.
  • Enhance your User Experience:
  • As Artificial Intelligence has the better tendency to understand your audience more deeply, so it can really improve your user experience and can provide you the better way to engage with the customers. AI data can be used to provide your audience with what they actually need.
  • Ideas of More Effective Marketing:
  • AI personalises customer experience in digital marketing, also predicts behaviour for new and existing user. AI acquires information from the users across the web. This understanding helps target potential leads instead of focussing on users who are unlikely to convert.
  • Increases Productivity:
  • AI can automate some of the ongoing processes in any business and office, so it enables a company’s human resource to delve into other more important areas of business. It increases the productivity of any business by saving time and money. AI system has eased company process in various ways in the past few years. Apart from these, AI is also able to curate content, send emails to prospective customers, digital advertising, seek information through search commands, automate responses (chatbots). So,these are some of the ways through which Artificial Intelligence is going to revolutionize digital marketing.
    Link Building Tactics:
  • Content Based Link Building: Create the piece of content like an infographic, a video, a how-to guide, an image gallery etc. that you can use to get links.
  • Guest Blogging: It is the process of approaching other websites to see if they will publish a piece of content that you write on their blog. This tactic will let you create quality backlinks.
  • Research broken links and find good targets for them to link to.
  • Link Reclamation: In this practice, you fix the links that one pointed at your site but fail to provide any SEO value.
  • Link Building Metrics:
  • Domain Strength: Here, instead of looking at the value of individual pages, we look at the domain as a whole to understand how strong it is.
  • Page Strength: In this, we assess how strong the page is so that you know how worthwhile the link is to you before you put too much effort into acquiring it.
  • Anchor Text: It can give Google an indication of the subject matter of the page being linked to.
  • Number of Links: Number of links can be useful while- measuring success of a link building campaign and for running comparisons between your website and competitors' sites.
  • Position of the Links on Page: You should make sure that you are getting links from websites which are happy to link from within content wherever possible.
  • Black-hat and White-hat Strategies:
    White Hat Strategies are:
  • Creating your own unique, insightful, and quality content
  • Building a genuine, engaged community which interacts with your website
  • Promoting your website in a personalized manner.
  • Black-hat Strategies:
  • Showing different content to the search engines compared to what you show to users.
  • Injecting hidden links into a website
  • Adding hidden text on a page that is only shown to the search engines, not users.
  • These were some of the basic tactics of link building. Remember though at one thing is unlikely to change – don’t let your focus deviate from if you're trying to succeed in the long term online. To know the advance link building tactics, read out our next article on advance link building tactics. All the best!

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