Beginners Guide for Link Building

Backlinks for the most part are still a really big win in terms of quality for search results. The area of link building in SEO has changed significantly over the last several years, means the tactics that were effective few years back may or may not be effective for now. Earning genuine links is the most vital term for success in search marketing.
Now, here in this article, we will discuss about the beginners’ guide for link building. Let’s discuss from very starting:

What is Link Building and why is this important:

Link building is the process of acquiring hyperlinks from other websites to your website, because search engines use the backlinks to crawl across the web.
Search Engines use links in two ways- first is to discover the new web pages, and second is to determine how well a page should rank in their results. Once the search engines are done crawling across the web pages, it adds those pages to their index, and then rank the pages that have good quality to be ranked well for relevant keywords. At the same time, search engines also look at the number of links pointing to that page from external websites and the quality of those external websites.
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Types of Links:
  • Natural Editorial Link: These are the links that you didn't even have to ask for because they are editorially given by other website owners.
  • Manual Outreach Link: These kind of link building is hard to create and time taking, but has great value. It involves manually contacting website owners and bloggers, asking them to link to you, by giving them a good reason to link.
  • Self-created, non-editorial Link: These links are not in use these days, as they are created with the aim of fooling the search engines into thinking a piece of content is relevant and important when it actually isn't.
  • Link Building Campaign:
    This process is used for increasing the number of links to your website . Set your campaign goal in starting to get the best possible chance of success. Second thing is find your assets for link building. These assets will make people care about what you offer. The assets maybe content, data, services, people etc. Third point to consider is the types of links you want, like ink for your home page, deep page links, links containing your brand or links containing your target keywords. Then, at last, you need to find the target audience.
    Link Building Tactics:
  • Content Based Link Building: Create the piece of content like an infographic, a video, a how-to guide, an image gallery etc. that you can use to get links.
  • Guest Blogging: It is the process of approaching other websites to see if they will publish a piece of content that you write on their blog. This tactic will let you create quality backlinks.
  • Research broken links and find good targets for them to link to.
  • Link Reclamation: In this practice, you fix the links that one pointed at your site but fail to provide any SEO value.
  • Link Building Metrics:
  • Domain Strength: Here, instead of looking at the value of individual pages, we look at the domain as a whole to understand how strong it is.
  • Page Strength: In this, we assess how strong the page is so that you know how worthwhile the link is to you before you put too much effort into acquiring it.
  • Anchor Text: It can give Google an indication of the subject matter of the page being linked to.
  • Number of Links: Number of links can be useful while- measuring success of a link building campaign and for running comparisons between your website and competitors' sites.
  • Position of the Links on Page: You should make sure that you are getting links from websites which are happy to link from within content wherever possible.
  • Black-hat and White-hat Strategies:
    White Hat Strategies are:
  • Creating your own unique, insightful, and quality content
  • Building a genuine, engaged community which interacts with your website
  • Promoting your website in a personalized manner.
  • Black-hat Strategies:
  • Showing different content to the search engines compared to what you show to users.
  • Injecting hidden links into a website
  • Adding hidden text on a page that is only shown to the search engines, not users.
  • These were some of the basic tactics of link building. Remember though at one thing is unlikely to change – don’t let your focus deviate from if you're trying to succeed in the long term online. To know the advance link building tactics, read out our next article on advance link building tactics. All the best!

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