At Cosciitech, we care for our employees and our customers, they are our most important assets. We embrace clan organizational culture where every individual gets an equal opportunity of growth, exposure, and nurturing. We value our team and provide work-life balance and make their career progressive and worthy. 

Benefits of working with Cosciitech:

Equal Opportunity

We value and respect every employee, we provide ample support for growth and pay attention to employee feedback 

Favorable Work Environment

We are well equipped with all necessary amenities, equipment’s and conference rooms to facilitate smooth work

Leaders support

Timely guidance, feedback and constructive criticism to improve and develop skills.

Learning & Development

Well defined technical and non-technical training sessions help every individual enhance their skills and be a better professional. 

Strong Work Ethics and Transparency

Integrity and work ethics are absolute paramount at Cosciitech, it helps to serve our clients the best and ensure a transparent work environment 

Our Recruitment Process

Practical Assessment

We evaluate your coding, logic and code optimization by assigning real task.

Technical Interview with face-to-face Assessment

After passing the first round, we orally evaluate your skills, expertise and the way you solve the problems.

Final Selection

Offer finalization will be done with HR team by checking candidate’s performance in all of the interview rounds.

*Please note that process for recruitment may vary as per profile and seniority.

Recruitment FAQ’s

Want to know more about our recruitment processes? We’ve compiled a list of our most commonly asked questions to help you through the recruitment journey.

  • I am a fresher, can I apply for open positions?

    We fulfill most of our fresher requirements from Campus Recruitment. Yet we welcome talented freshers to join our team. Before you decide to apply for non-technical positions like marketing and business analysis make sure you fulfil the criteria of good communication, self-motivation and crave to learn new things.

  • Can I mail my Resume without applying for any mentioned positions?

    Absolutely, our recruitment team will get in touch with you if we think you are suited for any of the open positions. Also our candidate database is kept updated to notify you for any future openings.

  • How long does it take to know the final outcome after interview?

    Once you are done with all rounds of interview, we try our best to provide final outcome within a week. If you had to wait longer than that, you are advised to reach the recruiter.

  • If I am unsuccessful to clear interview, can I reapply?

    Yes, we can evaluate your reason for rejection and reschedule your interview. But, you must reapply only once 6 months are passed after your interview date.