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In digital marketing, being on trend could be the determining factor in a successful search engine rank. A great way to plan your strategy is with a checklist, when you are going to design a new campaign. Marketing campaign checklists are comprised of various elements. They appear differently for each company depending on the target audience and goals.
Here are a few steps every marketing checklist should include:
1. Business Objectives:
Your business objective should be outlined before mapping any other strategy.
Possible objectives could be:
a. Retain company values:
What your brand stands for is important to your customers.
b. Providing Great Customer Service:
This is a broad goal which outlines subjects like:
– Money back guarantee
– Live Chat
– Phone support
c. Maintain Profitability:
Sustaining profits means analyzing financial data as it comes and being flexible if campaign changes are required.
d. Competitive Content:
Your content reflects your brand. Examples of competitive content are:
– Email newsletters
– Infographics
– Live social media videos
e. Sustain Growth:
This goal requires continued research and measurement of analytics.
2. Marketing Metrics:
They include costs accrued and revenue earned in various aspects of your campaign.
You can measure the metrics by the following:
a. Lead to traffic ratio:
It shows number of leads accessing your website.
b. Lead cost:
The cost-per-lead marketing model differs from pay per click in form and function. It’s important to know how much, overall, your leads are costing you on different platforms.
c. Customer Churn Rate:
The churn rate is the percentage of consumers who leave memberships behind.
d. Landing Page Conversion:
This measures the number of visitors to your landing page who buy.
3. Search Engine Optimization:
Many variables go into SEO, including keyword selection, content relevance, and mobile compatibility. 93% of the total traffic comes from the search engine.
The checklist for this section includes:
a. Keyword planning:
Before starting, we have to search for the hottest keywords to work on, so that we can get the best results out there.
b. Backlinking:
Backlinks work by sending potential customers to your website. They link back to your domain, hence to get higher traffic.
c. Rank tracking:
Your global and local search ranking dictate how many internet users will find you in a search. The closer to the top of the results page, the more likely it is to see a conversion.
4. Digital Marketing content Assets:
A content asset is any type of content used as a tool in your marketing campaign.
Some of the most common content assets are:
a. eBooks:
For B2B marketing, or any company trying to build brand authority, eBooks send a professional message.
b. Vlogs:
According to consumer reports, 54% of internet users want more videos from their favourite brands.
c. Podcasts:
Podcasts deliver your content in a way that requires no reading. It reaches broader audiences, including the visually-impaired.
d. Blogs:
Blogging expresses your company’s current interest or news, but in text form.
5. Social media:
Social media plays a massive role in modern marketing and requires a spot on any campaign checklist.
When planning for social media, the elements to consider include:
a. Content:
Eye-catching, entertaining, and newsworthy information with mixed visual media is best. This is also a prime place for contests and promotions.
b. Communication Tactics:
Some ways to communicate over social media are:
– Automated chat services
– Live chat services
– Contact forms
– Responding to customer reviews
– Commenting and liking customer comments
c: Automation Tools:
Tools like Hootsuite allow you to schedule content publishing in advance.
Digital trends fluctuate like the tides, which means constant vigilance is required. Your checklist may change from time to time, but having a foundation helps get you started. You’ll find that a checklist strengthens your campaign.

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