Digital Transformation Of India… A Reality

The world is changing at a very rapid pace. The change is due to the technological advancements in the country. Digital innovation is giving unprecedented access to capabilities and resources on a global scale. Digital transformation requires the hard work of building the right operational, technology and human capabilities.

Transforming India by Digital Transformation:

The technology revolution of India is far difficult to ignore in the last few decades. The IT industry of India contributes about 9.5% of the total GDP of India, and it providing us the about 3.5 million direct jobs. But, we realized India’s digital growth is uneven and needs improvement. To provide the inclusive growth and digital platform to India, the Indian government launched the ‘Digital India Initiative’ a few years back with the aim of transforming India into a digitally empowered society.
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‘Digital Transformation’ of ‘Digital India’:
There has been a change of scenario regarding how conveniently are people willing to change their perception of the digital transformation that India is on about. The digital transformation of India got start-off with ‘AADHAR’, i.e. a unique e-identification process based on a biometrics and the demographic data of an individual.
But everyone’s security is still a serious concern. The latest General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is an illustrative evidence of the growing concern of governments to safe-guard individual’s data. But, if we look on the brighter side, we’ll definitely pave towards the introduction of more tenacious and secured systems to protect the data.
India is way back in digitalization. We need to do the data management in just fraction of seconds. Once all the administrative data are digitized faster retrieval, we can ensure better access and secured data management thereby enhancing the opportunities to compete with the fast-changing world.
Modi government pursued an ambitious project, named NavIC, which is in the final stages of launch which will be offered as an Indian counter to foreign GPS systems which is currently being used by firms. It is the real digital transformation of India
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Digital India and Employment Opportunities:
Digital India is bringing a lot of employment opportunities for the generation to come. And, more importantly, as far as we are increasing the use of digitalization and Artificial Intelligence, soon we are going to replace human involvement in the coming years. It’s going to get us the results that involve the replacement of humans by machines in the organizations, and everything is going to be based on Artificial Intelligence in the future. Ultimately, the opportunities for employment will increase as we must have human resources to operate those machines, definitely.
But, the topic that remains unclosed is how adapting Digitalization is going to transform the lives individually and the impact on the Indian economy as a whole.
Turn Digital Transformation into a Practical Reality:
Businesses and IT leaders must work together to define the business value for digital transformation projects, identify capability gaps and prioritize the resources to let them achieve their digital transformation vision. Business leaders must clearly define how digital transformation projects create business value in terms of strategic positioning and financial benefits.
No one individual can own digital transformation. IT and business leaders must expand their networks and redefine the existing relationships to get the digital growth to your enterprise. Get the practical insights, tools an advice you need to bring your digital transformation vision to life.

It has much to gain by defining a ‘Smart Vision’, as India evolved from being a provider of digital services to being an intelligent consumer of data to make even smarter decisions in future. The elements like infrastructure and overall business environment can really enhance the growth and development of the country. India would become a very powerful digitally connected world. This would lead to a good architecture for electronic delivery of service. The Digital India project provides a huge opportunity to use the latest technology to redefine the paradigms of service delivery.


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