Effect Of Internet And Social Media On Women In India

Social media has put a very wide impact on all over the world. It plays very important role in connecting the people from the outside world. Internet and social network have tremendously changed the way people interact and carry on with their lives. Internet becomes a necessity in our home or office.
Moreover, India as a nation is moving forward with great success and can’t afford to ignore the women empowerment. Social media has also enhanced the women’s participation in economic and political lives. It lets them increase their self-expression and promote social change, and this is a strong belief that has risen up in the society.
Women share almost half of the population in India. Earlier, the condition of women was pathetic, but today thanks to the efforts of many reformers that improved the status of women and gets them equal rights. Today, women in India have held high offices; they are working on top positions of President, Prime Minister, Speaker of Lok Sabha, top management positions and entrepreneurs as well. And, it’s all because of the popularity of social media that lets them grasp the knowledge about the worldwide even when they didn’t have the independence of wandering anywhere out and get the knowledge.
Google published a reportin which Social media is empowering Indian women by helping them make more informed decisions in their daily life. Also, 5 years back a report got released, named ‘Women and Web Study’, in which out of 150 million internet users in India, almost 50 million were women who use internet to manage their day-to-day life.

Feminism and Social Media:

Today, it can’t be ignored that social media is now become the voice to women in around the world. It is widely spreading feminism ideology in all over the world. From the very beginning, we can’t discuss women’s related broad issues in an open society. But, now social media shed light on women’s issues and enhances conversations around topics not covered by mainstream media.
Social media has become a massive tool for women empowerment that in some ways makes women able to empathize with those who share their personal experience on the internet.
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Some Examples when the Impact of Social Media & Internet has been seen:
After some of the Delhi gang rapes, especially ‘Nirbhaya Kaand’, some of the social groups, like ‘Delhi for women’s safety’ on social media acted as a platform for empowering women and let them share their voice, not only in India but also in the global world. Today, it is very easy to spread the news in seconds due to social media. Everyone starts sharing, tweeting, #hashtaging their views, rage and demand for justice on social media. It makes women somehow fearless while travelling alone and make them feel safe. Also, Government of India is taking strict actions against the culprits, passing a more powerful law to prevent such incident in future.
To give equal rights to women to earn and raise themselves, Jaipur Rugs Foundation has started the prevalence for equality, justice and peace through social economic development opportunities for all women. The aim is to help women get educated and learn beyond it to stand at par with men. Today, however, so many people from different parts of the globe are supporting this foundation, both in monetary and non-monetary forms. This is helping women at a very large scale.
Now, women are also getting more knowledge about their rights and powers that every woman in a society holds, with equal rights as men in every respect.
All Thanks to the Internet and Social Media!
Let me know your opinions about the women empowerment in India that would help me write even better the next time.
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It has much to gain by defining a ‘Smart Vision’, as India evolved from being a provider of digital services to being an intelligent consumer of data to make even smarter decisions in future. The elements like infrastructure and overall business environment can really enhance the growth and development of the country. India would become a very powerful digitally connected world. This would lead to a good architecture for electronic delivery of service. The Digital India project provides a huge opportunity to use the latest technology to redefine the paradigms of service delivery.


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