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Even though it’s a 50-year-old technology, businesses are still using email to connect with followers, turn leads into customers, and engage audiences with news, promotions, information, and special deals. Email marketing allows you to reach out to people who have visited your site without converting. So, to nurture a lead like this, it’s integral that you personalize and customize your communications, use the right types of emails at the right time.
It’s an incredible effective form of communication:
Email is not rhe latest technology, but it has become something indispensable that people rely on every day for communication. A post on social media is likely to reach only about 2 percent of your followers, whereas an email is almost guaranteed to make it to the inboxes of your audience.
Email reconnects you with leads that you might be losing:
One of the best ways that email can serve your business is by helping you target pre-qualified leads. If a visitor comes to your site and surfs around for a bit but doesn’t buy anything and eventually leaves the site, but not before signing up for a newsletter, then it’s a pre-qualified lead. So, instead of assuming the lead is gone for good when the prospect leaves your site, you can now use email to remarket to that prospect, nurture the lead.
Personalized emails are far more likely to be Noticed:
Personalized emails are 75% more likely to be opened, and also have higher click-through rates. Personalized emails makes it much more likely that a recipient will open your email.
Divide leads into segments, so you can send Relevant content:
Another way to further increase the effectiveness of email marketing is to divide your leads into different segments based on their buyer personas, which include detailed information like demographics, employment, pain points, shopping habits, buyer journey stage, and more.
Build a relationship by sending different types of mails:
The first email you send should provide the lead with information that relates to your business or your field, and the next email can highlight a problem that your prospect may be facing. After that, you can include sale information and even deals in your emails, along with reviews or testimonials from other happy customers. Using informational emails instead of promotional ones will help prospects to see that you aren’t trying to sell to them, but rather there to help them solve a problem or make their lives better.
Use email to send Promotional content to Encourage Conversions:
Once you’ve built a relationship with your prospects through a series of informational emails, you can actively start promoting your business. You can include a featured product in the email that’s tailored to prospects based on their segment. While writing the email in promotional manner, don’t forget the call to action and the landing page. Also, the email must link to a customized landing page that specifically relates to the content of the email. A/B testing is a great way to make sure that all the elements on both your email and your landing page are performing optimally.
The Conclusion:
Email is also highly effective because it can be personalized and customized to individual people and specific segments. The key with email marketing is to take it slow, and to work your way toward the promotional emails that are designed to convert.

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