Keep These 10 Things In Mind For Your Smartphone Safety!

In today’s era, smartphones are the most value things that we always want to keep close. From connecting to friends/relatives to save all the memories and secrets, we can do everything in our phones. Most likely, you must know that there are certain things you need to avoid for your smartphone safety.
Here’s the list of 10 things that we all, ‘smartphone users’, should keep in mind to keep our phone protected against that ends up harming the smartphones.

1. Keep your Phones Password Protected:

Do not take any chance with your phone’s privacy by keeping it password-free. Sometimes, smartphone users think that there is no need to keep any password because no one is going to use it except them. If even by chance your phone gets into the hands of someone else or get stolen all your privacy will be in danger. There are multiple types of password styles your phone provides you, choose any of the best among them to suit your comfort.

2. Do not ignore the Security Update Pop-ups:

Usually, we ignore the security update messages while we are on call or during chats, which leads to phone running on the same previous version. Security updates are very important, it helps you provide bug fixes and introduces you to many new features and settings. Along with improving the UI of your phone, it makes the apps running on our phone faster and smoother. So, don’t ever try to play with your smartphone safety.

3. Do not charge your Phones using USB:

Instead of carrying the whole charger, it’s very often that people usually carry USB cable, and then charging your phones by connecting it with any of the laptop or PC. It harms your smartphone security. It ruins your phone’s battery life completely. Charging your phones using USB cables takes 4 times more time to charge your phone, and it doesn’t provide any advantage to your phones.

4. Always use Branded Chargers:

Just to save few bugs we go for buying cheap chargers. Those cheap chargers lacking the worldwide CE, RHOS or MFI certifications. They are built using the cheap and duplicates products ensuring no protection to your phone. This as a result slightly starts damaging your smartphone safety.

5. Do not Expose your Smartphone to Overheat:

Do not keep your smartphones in excessive heat or excessive cold, as it causes serious damage to your phones. Everyone must have heard about the phone blasted, while it was connected to the charger. It happens due to the excessive heat, as your battery could not resist the current leading to the explosion.

6. Protect of your Phone from Outside:

Do not use your phones without using tempered glass on it, which is used to avoid all the scratches and finger marks. Always use mobile cases to provide the outer smartphone safety. They are designed in such a way to support, attach, and hold your phone that in case if it falls it will give its protection from all the corners of its side.

7. Avoid Clicking Dangerous Links:

Avoid clicking the unknown links that appear in between your screen. Never click on the links that asks to click on the link and then asking to log in to your account. All these hazardous links end up hacking or corrupting your device.

8. Time to time Reboot your Phone:

Due to the access use of phone, it starts lagging in time. It results in creating problems while phone is running. Therefore, timely rebooting of phone is necessary as it clears all the memory of your phone, and always keep your smartphone safety in mind. Resulting in running in the good speed.

9. Do not ever download the Malicious Apps:

Avoid downloading the apps you are completely sure about. Sometimes, we download random apps to pass time that appears good inn look. Don’t forget to read the description of the apps before downloading it. Random unknown apps may contain hazardous viruses involved which after downloading will appear into your phone.

10. Avoid connecting to the Public WiFi:

Whenever you move out of the house, make sure that you switch off your phone WiFi. Because in open WiFi network area, it automatically gets connected to your phone, and all the information you send and receive over the public WiFi can be visible to anyone in the area. Hackers can easily hack your phones through open WiFi. It will help you maintain the confidentiality of your phone.
Above I have discussed some points by which you can make sure your smartphone safety. So, always keep these things in mind that you need to strictly avoid which leads increasing the lifetime of your smartphones.

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