Retail & Ecommerce Software Development

Our retail and ecommerce software development team has been delivering the solutions that not only help you integrate business processes but also follow a data-driven approach to increase sales, obtain thorough customer insights, know industry trends.


Our team of talented developers and analysts understand your business processes and pain areas to develop software solutions that cover a good range of solutions like custom POS systems, consumer analytics, customer engagement systems, integration with ERP systems then on.

Custom Ecommerce

Over the years, we've created engaging retail ecommerce platforms which are scalable, able to adapt to high traffic volumes, have interactive and easy-to-use layouts and supply easy inventory management, shipping and payment solutions.

Mobile Apps

Mobile apps facilitate customers also because the retail staff to form decisions on the go. We develop mobile apps for ecommerce, POS, warehouse and inventory management and lots of more which permit streamlining the business and assist in taking quicker & better decisions.

The ecommerce sales growth is around 19.7% per year with total ecommerce sales crossing $4.2 trillion dollars.

POS for retails

Our POS solutions are responsible for cash collection, product and inventory management, sales tracking, reporting and many more. We have delivered POS solutions for retail shops, multi branch supermarkets and to the restaurants.

  • Secured Till Login
  • Refund & Credit notes
  • Price levels
  • Reporting
  • Barcode integration
  • Credit card & cash payment
  • Bank deposits & reconcilement
  • Promotions
  • Easy product search
  • Offline sales
  • Inventory management
  • Gift Vouchers
  • Hold & retrieve receipt
  • Supplier management
  • Warehouse module
  • Loyalty plans
  • Authorized Discount
  • Purchase order
  • Stocks movement
  • Customer loyalty
  • Multi-currency support
  • Purchase refund
  • Shelf placement
  • Route Sales
  • Shift Management
  • Wholesale Sales
  • Branch & Head office
  • Driver management
  • Supports multiple printers
  • Delivery and invoice
  • Branch accounts
  • Vehicles list
  • Preorder & deposit
  • Payment & outstanding
  • Merged account
  • Stock issue & return
  • Cash drawer & pickup
  • Customer ledger
  • Cost Center
  • Route Schedule

Ecommerce Web application

Ecommerce Store

Build a strong Product Management System that helps in product categorization, organization of catalogue image, pricing and maintenance of product life cycle across all platforms.

Product Management

Build a powerful Product Management System that helps in product categorization, organization of catalogue image, pricing and maintenance of product life cycle across all platforms.

Payment Solution

Select a 3rd party payment gateway and integrate securely with an ecommerce platform. Provide e-wallet options to customers for faster and straightforward transactions.

Inventory Management

Ordering & inventory status management, warehouse integration, SKUs & barcode, trends & inventory optimization, stock notifications are a number of the features.


Centralising, managing and keeping track of your SKUs, orders, packaging, printing, shipping labels, tracking, pickups, goods return etc.

Integration with ERP

When the remaining systems are integrated well with the ERP, the method is quicker and therefore the window for error is reduced alongside real time data tracking across all departments.

Marketing & Sales

Boost sales performance by efficiently managing CRM systems, marketing campaigns, customer trends, analytics, grievances and customer care, reporting etc.

Digital Marketing

Streamline your omnichannel marketing, customer service using AI, chatbots, real time personalization to supply a customer centric and experience-led shopping experience.

loyalty & Promotion

Manage festive advertisements, customer loyalty programs and point generation supported the sales reports, analysis of market trends, customer’s purchase history etc.

Ecommerce Cart

Ecommerce Mobile Apps

Our app developers create interactive, seamless and interesting apps for the purchasers. they need created unique apps for multiple industries and customers. Our mobile apps are ready to deliver amazing customer experience, secure transactions and improved conversion rates also.

  • Engaging UI

    Create an interactive, seamless, engaging, creative app by choosing the proper UI/UX developers. Our retail software development teams have created unique apps for multiple industries and customers spread all across the world.

  • Ease of use

    Feature-rich, easy navigation and visuals help us create appealing also scalable apps which let customers transact and flick through the layout in an easy way.

  • Efficient backend

    With the mixture of strong tools and architecture, we create highly analytical, systematic, logical and detail-oriented backend structures for the apps.

  • Secure Payment

    Our secure, seamless integration of payment processing systems covers all the leading ways of transactions which provides customers the choice to settle on from an array of payment options, making final sales easier for both parties.

E-commerce Mobile App