SEO and SEM: How they both play important role to get higher Conversion rate

SEO and how does it work?
SEO is the key part of digital marketing strategy. It plays the important role to uplift your website on top of the Google. The main focus when we talk about search engines in the context of SEO is Google. That’s a lot of activity for any given business to compete with and is why SEO is such an important (but tricky) area of digital marketing to know.
SEO is the process by which search engines “crawl” content to see how effective it will be to attract traffic. Search engine assesses keywords, tags and link titles in a website.
Crawlers look for:
a. Quality content: If you are writing great content, search engines will receive a message that you are delivering legitimate goods and services.
b. User Experience: Your website should give frictionless experience to the users. So that users can meet the end goal with ease.
c. Link patterns: It shows the backlinking with authorized sites.
What is SEM and how does it work?
Search Engine Marketing incorporates various types of paid search advertising. This is the type of thing that you’ll see as Google ad and usually ends up on the top of a page list.
Some examples of SEM-based advertising activities:
– Targeted (paid) ad campaigns
– Writing copy using very selective keywords
– Ensuring that advertising activities fall within an allotted budget
– Applying key performance indicators like click-through-rates (CTR) and cost-per-click (CPC) towards future advertising activities.
If your ads are well designed, so that they can targeted well and it will get you at the top of the rankings. It’s a great way to get targeted traffic to your websites. SEM is great for brand recognition as it means that you’ll be at the top of the list every time someone searches.
Difference between SEO and SEM:
These are the just two different way of advertising. SEM is about getting traffic via paid ads, and SEO is more about acquiring, monitoring and analyzing organic (unpaid) traffic patterns.
How SEO and SEM work together?
People will use search engines to search for something that they’re looking for, and they’ll be able to find it by the organic results (SEO) or by the paid results (SEM). SEO is for organic traffic – so that’s unpaid or free listings, and SEM is for targeted ads that you pay for. They can be complementary but only if the website itself is SEO-friendly first, then SEM has a greater chance of being successful. SEO is the base of good SEM. And, when they both work properly you get high-quality traffic.

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