How to create a successful Social Media plan

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Social Media is a time consuming strategy which takes thoughts and planning. It’s the most challenging mode of marketing as it requires break through the already crowded digital landscape. So, let’s put a social media plan in place to make your online marketing efforts more successful.
1. Know your brand:
Today, creating a business needs to go to the beyond service and products. You have to create a brand that will attract people to your services because your brand is what sets you apart from the rest. Define your brand, and you are on your way to creating excellent content.
2. Know your Audience:
To understand better the audience, we need to consider more specific audience. You can look at a more select persona for your audience and focus on what will attract them to your social media pages. Look at their age, location, job title, income and most used social media.
3. Know your current social media channel:
You have to know where you are and how you are performing on social media today, which means making an audit on social media. So, here is the checklist:
a. The platforms you are using.
b. Your pages are optimized or not.
c. Which pages are doing best.
d. Which posts are getting best results.
e. How frequently are you posting.
4. Competitive Analysis:
A competitive analysis will provide even more improvements that you can make to your own social media pages. Looking at competitors also helps you see what the industry is doing. So that you might know the opportunities to be unique. All of this information will help you fine-tune your own social efforts to outdo the competition.
5. Set up and optimize accounts:
Use your audit findings to look for opportunities to improve your existing profiles. Make sure you have optimized your pages with contact info, company history and info, product and service descriptions. You should always verify your accounts to make sure you lessen the chance of imposter accounts popping up.
6. Create mission statement:
Create mission statement for each channel. There are nine areas to consider for your mission statement:
a. Brand awareness
b. Driving traffic to your website
c. Sales Leads
d. Revenue
e. Create engagement
f. Create a community
g. Improve customer service
h. Press engagement (e.g., news stories, magazines, and industry websites)
I. Collect valuable
7. Schedule engaging content:
Create a social media content calendar to show what you wish to publish when and on what channel. Generating strong content include:
a. Leveraging your own blog content
b. Repurposing other marketing efforts such as landing pages, video, offers, and more
c. Posting and sharing industry news
d. Using influencers
e. User-generated content (UGC)
f. Tips and tricks such as recipes or unusual ways to use your products
g. Asking followers questions to generate conversations
h. Using hashtags to help generate more UGC.
Final thoughts:
Your social media plan will help you create meaningful engagement with your audience. Your plan should grow and adapt as your audience shows you what they need from you.

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