Some Web Design Trends To Follow In 2019

Staying trendy with web design is crucial for the success of your website. It is quite complex and dynamic, and combines many branches of knowledge. Web design has influence on how well a web resource will be perceived by its target audience. If you want your website to look great and have good conversion rates, its design will play a significant role.
Today modern brands are more focusing on live interaction with users. So, your whole concept should be something that is associated with a certain emotional background. Web design trends will prioritize speed and mobile design, eye-catching simple designs with asymmetrical layouts, immersive video backgrounds, and more.
So, let’s discuss some of the web designing trends to follow in 2019.
1. Your Website’s Load Time:
If you want to interact with your potential customers online, then you have 3 seconds or less.
In recent studies, 50% of the users expect that when they click on a site, it should load in two seconds or less. Otherwise, it will get abandoned if it takes more than 2 seconds. A good looking website is a good thing, but if it is heavy to load then you could be losing loads of revenue. Even, Google has begun prioritizing rankings for sites that load faster than others. And, very soon other search engines will follow it. The days of bloated JavaScript are over. In 2019, large pictures and videos will be incorporated in such a way that they don’t slow down loading times.
2. Typography:
In 2019 web design trends, many companies are adopting big and bold typography to make their home pages. In fact, this style works best when you want to keep the rest of the pages minimal and clean.
Here, you should take care of:
  • The perfect font
  • Font size
  • Vertical space between each typed line
  • Width of the text block
  • Hierarchy of the fonts should be well defined
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    3. Asymmetric Layout:
    In 2019, web design trends are all about thinking outside the box, or rather, the grid. Now, the large contingent of designers will be advocating for the fresh, striking look of broken layouts. Asymmetry and broken grids have been gaining more and more popularity, likely due to having found a way to not look like most other website designs. It will include unusual placements, layering with different colors and textures, repeating irregular patterns, use of white space, and creative use of typography.
    By the way, it is a simple, basic and clean web design trend and anyone can use it easily.
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    4. Mobile First:
    From 2015 onwards, mobile searches totally overtook desktop searches, making mobile search the highest search form worldwide. So, now it’s no wonder that mobile first design has become a trend. Mobile first web design is about changing the way that websites are designed fundamentally.
    Mobile first design does just the opposite: it starts with designing the site for the mobile user first before creating a version that will also work for a desktop user. This is the exact opposite of the website designed for desktop version and then making it mobile responsive.
    5. Including Chatbots:
    Chatbots, are becoming increasingly common on websites and micro-interactions across digital media. Auto-responder functionality inherent in most chatbots can seamlessly interact with users for you and provide excellent customer service upfront. In 2019, this technology is going to be one of the web design trends that will be incorporated into company websites. Soon, web interactions will become seamless.
    It will make the customer service more reliable by simply analyzing their past interactions with your company.
    As the time changed, so does the trend that gets you even better results. Staying atop those trends will help you keep your website fresh, beautiful, and making conversions. So, these are some of the web design trends that you should follow in the upcoming year.
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