Some Web Development Trends For 2019

You can see small websites, consisting of few pages and minimal amount of information. On the other hand, there are well-built websites owned by mega-corporation around the world. They look very professional and work with massive database behind them.
Between these two opposite examples, you will find everything that you need to know to build a professional looking website. There are a lot of other more advanced things that have come up over the years.
So, now the hot issue is that how the process of web development is going to get better this year.
Let’s discuss some trends to follow in this upcoming year 2019.
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1. Push Notifications:
Push notifications are becoming more and more relevant with each passing day. These are one of those things that can be very useful and fetch you a lot of customers. On the other side, it can let you lose all the customers, if misused. That’s the kind of influence a push notification can have on its users. This is better for mobile devices and can give you that extra edge in web competition. As for how to set it up for your website, you can go two ways. One is, signing up for the dedicated push notification platform and the second one is to get you a plugin for sending push notifications..
2. The Progress of Web Apps through Angular JS:
Today, the websites through which you come across are very lively. There are so many actions that you can perform on the website itself. Angular Js has the prime role in this it stretches the capabilities of HTML to new heights. Moreover, that’s just been the regular web apps, not that it’s not enough to impress anybody. What is taking shape this year is the Progressive apps.
Progressive apps are not only faster also more secure and light on usage.
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3. Mobile Friendly Designs:
We use our smartphones which we use, arguably more than a computer, and this is not a new phenomenon.
Smartphones and other hand-held devices are so much easy and fun to use. That’s why designing websites to look good on these small screens are mandatory for the developers. Also, developing for desktops has taken the back seat and they have done that up until now.
This year is going to change evidently and even more critical. So, to have the upper hand in this, you the developer have to buckle down and figure out the nuances of this kind of design.
The one-page design is one of the things that you might have to take into consideration..
4. Typography:
One of the web development trends is Typography. Most of the information over the internet is in written text format, even more than a video file on YouTube and more than audio songs, podcasts and song bytes.
Correspondingly, how you make that text look really matters, and it comes under the typography umbrella. A lot of new fonts are going to be available that you’ll be able to use.
It will make the text content look even better.
5. Page Creation with Modules:
Now page creation would be easier with the use of modules. Means, with zero knowledge of coding you can create a good looking web page. This is possible because of the modules, available with the new age content management system.
In this upcoming year, you would be able to make websites by just pick and drop of the modules.
Accordingly, putting together lovely web pages with just simple drag and drops are going to get better for sure.
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6. New Live Chatbots:
Live chat is very popular among consulting firms of different kinds, and it is the most appreciated feature that a web page can have. Now, with AI and Machine Learning, Chatbots are going to be smarter.
At least for this year and the up and coming few, expect these to deal with the trivial FAQ type things.
Hopefully, businesses for companies that provide chat support are going to boom as well.
This year is going to be great for the web development trends in the technology industry. If you are just a new comer in development field then you are going to learn lot. Otherwise, you will get better tools for the job you do.
So, this year gonna be the fantastic year for the web development and within the whole technical context.
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