Strategies to promote your youtube channel

Strategies To Promote Your YouTube channe

Promoting your YouTube channel is not an instant task, it takes time to promote your YouTube channel and having an active fanbase. You can’t even have an idea how many competitors you have on YouTube who want to succeed as much as you do… they are countless. And, they all have the opportunity to use the google search and find a few unique ways for their channel promotion. When one start with the YouTube channel, he/she starts getting bunch of questions in mind like how to get more subscribers, how to get more YouTube views etc. To help you break through the noise with lasting impact and save you time, we’ve found the most effective ways which can help to promote your YouTube channel.
So, without wasting time, start implementing the following strategies:

1. Simply Optimize your YouTube Channel and Videos:

Optimize your YouTube videos for specific keywords to get high rank in the search results.
Follow these steps to the channel creation and optimization process:
  • If you’re going to create a YouTube channel, make sure to have a catchy and memorable channel name, attractive channel design, a well-introducing channel trailer, a well-defined description with the main relatable keywords and tags.
  • Use keywords in the title, even the whole title can be a keyword.
  • Add a short and clear description to the playlist, that contains keywords.
  • Don’t forget to activate the “Auto-add” of the videos with specific tags to the playlist.
  • For video optimization, pick a 5-7 words headline including your keywords, also use the relatable keywords in the description and in the tags of the video.
  • Choose a compelling thumbnail which will make your attractive enough to click.
  • Use a branded intro or outro in your website to make a professional impression on the audience.
  • Make a channel logo.
  • 2. Create Engaging Content:

    High quality content is the key to get more engagement. Always bring value to your customers by writing engaging content. Establish yourself as an expert in your field and make your channel a valuable resource for them.
    Make your channel according to your subscribers. Ask yourself some questions like what entertains them, what questions do they have.
    It’s necessary to always check the comments on your YouTube posts to understand your audience more deeply. This way you will be able to give value to them, which will pay off by means of views, subscriptions, comments, and likes.
    Take enough time for the content creation process, and make sure what points you want to cover. Analyze the needs of your audience.
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    3. Keep a Video Creation and Publishing Calendar and Stick to it:

    How often you post a video on your YouTube Channel?
    Are you putting a single video in a month and waiting for the great response through your video? How is this even possible for your audience to remember you as if they have many more options of videos with greater frequency? Your audience will forget you.
    Try to be consistent with your YouTube channel, because it builds credibility.
    We understand that writing a video script is a time-consuming process, so create and schedule your videos in advance.
    Stick to the creation and publishing calendar for your videos. Put the title of the video, its duration, the date of creation, the date and time of publishing, and the status. Now, schedule your videos on the planned dates and time.

    4. Sharing is Caring:

    If you have great content but still you’re not getting the enough like, comments and shares, then it’s the time to share your videos on different social media platforms.
    Where you can share your video?
  • If you have a website, then it would be best to embed your one of the video to the homepage of your website or to the most engaging webpage of your website.
  • If you have a blog, then share your YouTube videos on to your blog would work great.
  • Post your videos on different social media platforms to drive great traffic.

  • The greater the reach of your video is, the better are the chances of getting new views and subscribers. But, again, don’t forget about your core audience. You must know where to find your target audience, whether it’s Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram or any other platform.

    5. Communicate with your Audience:

    Always respond to the comments or the questions of your followers. It will show them that you care and their opinion matters. Even a small ‘thanks’ will work great and goes long way towards building genuine connections.
    It’s not always compulsory to get positive response, sometimes you’ll get the worst one too! Just learn from them that where you are not doing properly. Sometimes, you will get funny comments as well. Be grateful when you receive criticism – you’re getting free advice on how to improve!
    When commenters get value from you and your content, they are most likely to share it and recommend it to others.
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    6. Also, collaborate with other YouTubers:

    Another strategy for your YouTube channel promotion is collaboration. You must have seen that the collaboration videos on YouTube always work great.
    Two types of collaboration are:
  • Collaboration of two equal sized channel so that to take advantage of the potential for promotion
  • Collaboration between a large and a small YouTube channel, which gives the small one great exposure with large audience
  • Start collaborating with small YouTubers because it would be tough for you to collaborate with big channels unless you have an incentivizing image on YouTube.
    What you can start with:
  • Find a partner within your niche or with similar interests.
  • After finding the right partner, send him/her your ideas and goals regarding the cooperation.
  • Before starting, make sure that you both are on the same page.
  • So, follow these steps and you’ll definitely have a good response through YouTube. You need to have a little patience in addition to being armed with clever strategies. I hope it will work as best for you. Gradually, you will see the increasing number of your subscribers and active followers, and will start getting good results.

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