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Content marketing is one of the marketing strategies every business needs to incorporate if they want to remain competitive. However, very few companies know how to do it, and even fewer know how to do it well. That provides a world of opportunity for the savvy Content Marketer.
Content marketer is an exciting role:
Content marketing is the process of creating relevant content to the consumers. It is intended to attract customers and retain an audience that will become dependent on the information. Content can be in any form blogs, articles, videos, social media posts, images, white papers, case studies, and more. The goal of content marketing is to maintain interest in a brand, service or product. As a content marketer, you will require excellent writing skills but also have a keen understanding of consumers.
The skills of a successful content marketer:
Content Marketing is a continuously evolving strategy. Although you have your basic skills as a writer, telling a story is just one aspect of the job.
a. Techie Tendencies:
To achieve the edge over the competition, you can combine excellent writing skills with technical skills. You should look for WordPress, courses in SEO, HTML, Google Analytics, CSS, demand generation, and coding. You can also create accounts such as Google Adwords so that you can get some practice.
b. Creativity:
A well-rounded person makes excellent content marketer as they can approach the work from many different angles. Your approach must be engaging and creative to attract viewers.
c. Branding:
If you can come at content marketing with some brand development under your belt, you will be offering a more strategic aspect to your skills.
d. Research:
The only way to create content is to research. It teaches you how other people will be seeking the info you are providing. Your research skills will prove that you know how to create content your customers need.
e. Create your own brand:
Having active social media accounts will help profile your skills. Showing you have followers of your own speaks volumes of what you can do for your employer’s social media pages.
Roles and duties of content marketers:
There are a few common roles and duties most content marketers share including:
a. Strategy:
Set measurable goals to ensure your plan is working.
b. Identiying targets:
In order to generate excellent content, you must understand your audience.
c. Research:
Spend time researching keywords to ensure your SEO is effective.
d. Planning:
Prepare the subjects you wish to cover, schedule them strategically on your calendar and ensure you are not overusing the same information too often.
e. Brainstorming:
A good content team spends plenty of time brainstorming to continue to generate the best quality content.
f. Writing and editing:
Depending on your level, you can expect to put in quite a bit of time writing, or at least editing content.
g. Analysis:
You will review data and adjust your content based on what you learn. That is to ensure you get the best ROI from your plan.
The crux:
Content marketing is still a relatively new career providing ample opportunity for growth. Whether you are a writer, a recent graduate or are looking for a career change, content marketing is the perfect solution for the self-starter who is creative at heart.

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