Travel & Hospitality

Our developers use the latest APIS and analytics, keep human intervention at minimum and hence increase the operational efficiency and sales.

Travel Portal

Our travel portals act as a viable centralized platform to manage hotels and agencies. In the travel portal, the information is synchronized about the services and hotels to let the customers access real time data on the portal and carry out bookings.

Accommodation Management

Get details about room availability, facilities within the property, filter and sorting of options supported rating and pricing etc.

Car Rental and Hire

Select vehicle devour and drop off location, date and time & filter and type supported availability dates, rates, model etc.

Agency and Agent Details

List of details like agent name, location, price with commission, optional quotes, accounts etc.

Client Supplier Wizard

Maintain list of agencies and their invoicing details, price listing supported seasons, mark-up and contract maintenance functionality.

Booking Management System

Manage booking quotation number, cancellations, invoices, full and partial payment options, accounts, policy and fee details.

Mobile Applications

Paperless and cashless travel with an access to centralized mobile application to stay hotel bookings and tickets handy.

Restaurant Management

Restaurant management system give an automated and integrated view of the system like managing kitchen, bars and stores on a single platform.

  • Customizable Menu with Photos and Description
  • Inventory Management for Store/Kitchen/Bar
  • Tablet Based Menu Ordering for Customers
  • Kitchen Printers for Faster Order Preparation
  • Takeout and Delivery Orders Processing
  • Staff Profile, Clock In and Out Management
  • Payment Options Like Cash, Cheque and Credit Cards
  • Offline POS Support for Emergencies
  • Customer Info & Discount Management
  • Accounting, Users and Products Reports

Mobile app Development for Hospitality

Our developers help you build the solutions for airlines, agencies and travelers. We make the apps for any smartphone, tablet or any wearable device.